Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

We have mentioned before that pumpkin carving is an art that allows you to create awesome templates within minutes, and there are many free pumpkin carving templates while the most common and famous pumpkin template is the monstrous face.

We've explained before too in easy pumpkin carving ideas post the best tips you will need to create unique and new pumpkin ideas, templates and patterns and taking care of them in just minutes.

The most used tool in creating pumpkin carving templates is knife, but we explained that you can use many other tools like nails to make awesome perfect free pumpkin carving templates.

You may also allow kids to help you creating pumpkins with coloring them or using kids-friendly tool like small plastic tools to kids over 6 years old.

These are the latest pumpkin ideas you may love to do yourself in just minutes to have one of them:
we wish that you will love them, waiting for your feedback or questions. Thanks for interesting in the easy pumpkin carving ideas blog and the post of free pumpkin carving templates.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

12 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas (Photos)

Pumpkin carving is an art, carved pumpkin which called also jack-o'-lantern. Pumpkin refers to certain cultivars of squash, most commonly those of Cucurbita pepo, that are round, with slightly, smooth ribbed skin with a deep yellow or orange coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. And carved pumpkins are associated with the Halloween or Hallowe'en holiday chiefly.

We have mentioned before that, carving pumpkins is a very easy mission, cut off the top of the pumpkin to form a lid and then the inside flesh then scooped out.

The most common pumpkin idea is the monstrous face, though there are many easy pumpkin carving ideas that can be made at home or everywhere with just few simple and easy steps.

Anyway, you can make the monstrous face with carving out the pumpkin's rind in order to expose the hollow interior. And to create the lantern effect, you need a light source to place it inside the pumpkin before closing the lid. There are many colors that can be used with uncountable easy pumpkin carving ideas to create awesome things.

Here are the top 10 easy pumpkin carving ideas with photos:

1. Take It from the Top:
When carving the lid of the pumpkin, make sure that you cut at the angle, in toward the pumpkin stem. In other words, create a slightly cone shaped lid. This is the first cut you will make when you carve any pumpkin and the most important step you will make when carving a pumpkin, so pay attention to it. This step will make the lid of the pumpkin to avoid caving in at the slightest touch.

2. The Anti-Aging Secret:
When the pumpkin starts to shrivel, it will be a bad thing to you. After Carving pumpkin, this is usually happens in just few days. Seems depressing, but there is a good secret to keep it alive for more long time. It is the secret of the anti-aging, you need just to fill the bathtub and then give the pumpkin you have carved a good soak, believe it, this will make your cool pumpkin back to life in just a few hours. The bad thing is that the bad pumpkins will need more baths that the good ones. So, you will be advisable to select the best pumpkin before carving.

3. Select the Best Perfect Pumpkin Specimen
As we mentioned before, there is a big importance of choosing or selecting the pumpkin you will carve, and the most important thing when selecting a pumpkin is the color, good pumpkin must be bright orange colored, then the stem need to be strong. These two simple and easy advices are the signs that the pumpkin you are looking to is just perfect and healthy enough.

On the other hand, if you are planning to use an open flame in the pumpkin you will carve, then the most important thing here is selecting a pumpkin that's flat on the bottom to be safe enough as it will stay put.

4. Be Safe as Much as Possible
Here in the easy pumpkin carving ideas blog, your safety is the first priority. So you must be aware when using open flames in carved pumpkins, and if you are worried to use it, it will be better to try an alternative to the lights. You can use an electric battery-power lights with uncountable colors.

5. Be Unique
There are no rules that say, you must cut out the stem of the pumpkin and create the traditional pumpkin lid. On the contrary, it will be a very good idea to make it as you see in the picture and have the option to use an electric light with a cord. This will be the only option if you have it hard to cut out the top of the pumpkin.

6. Let Kids Make it
Kids will be more excited to join the pumpkin carving process with the adults, but using knives and sharp tools will make it impossible to be used by kids. Be unique, there are no rules to use a knife, you may allow kids to paint and color the pumpkin with many forms like the one on the picture. You can't count the paints you may use to adorn the pumpkins.

On the other hand, there are many ways that kids over 6 years can use to carve pumpkins like small plastic-handled which is kids-friendly, but it is not allowed for under 6 years kids or without supervision.

7. Think Different
As you see in the picture, there are uncountable easy pumpkin carving ideas that you can create in just seconds and be different and cool to many people. Try this one with cutting it out from the bottom.

8. Getting Out of The Kitchen
What we mean with getting out of the kitchen is forgetting the knives and similar tools, and trying to use a drill that will allow you to create a very small holes and at the end finding a well-placed holes and well-detailed pumpkin. You don't know who much designs you can create with this drill, for example.

9. Decorating & Carving Ideas
Decorating pumpkin after carving it will make it better and cooler than traditional pumpkin carving. Instead of carving the most common idea of pumpkin, you can use vampire teeth, and/or circles pieces of paper to make the pumpkin more beautiful and interesting in minutes or even less.

10. Etch a Sketch.
There are many tools that you may use to create a different easy pumpkin carving idea, for example, using a small chisel instead of using a knife. This tool will allow you to etch designs outside the pumpkin to see it clearly when placing a candle inside it.

11.Transfer it.

There are two main ways to transfer a homemade pattern to a pumpkin:

1- Hold the pattern against the pumpkin and use a nail or a thumbtack to score the pattern into the pumpkin at first, after that cut along the lines.

2- The second way is turning the pattern into an actual stencil, this can be made by cutting holes in the paper simply where you want the holes to be in the pumpkin you are trying to carve. 

12. Fire Your Imagination
If you still don't find the most easy pumpkin carving ideas, then you are advisable to look around you and fire your imagination to find a pretty good wallpaper, a T-Shirt design or even a plant with flowers like what you see in the picture.

Hope that the article was helpful, Enjoy browsing other carving ideas.